Prairie Storm Athletics is not just for track and field athletes!

Too many times in sport an athlete’s career gets cut short based on the fact that they are simply just not fast enough to play “at the next level”. Whether it is a 40 yd dash, a big vertical jump, or the agility and strength required to compete, I aim to get you the times and heights you need to turn heads and to get noticed.  Remember, just because you are on the team doesn’t mean that you have the speed, power, strength or fitness levels to excel, to stand out, and to get noticed!


I believe that every athlete or team is different, with different needs and build training programs for each athlete to develop the identified areas needing improvement.  Unlike other facilities that offer “speed” development, I build my programs based upon sprinting (speed/power) principles from my experiences as a high performance sprints coach. I teach mastery of sprint and movement mechanics and apply periodized and progressive training loads. I can provide a muscular assessment and a neuro-muscular reset as I am trained in Reflexive Performance Reset.  I work closely with a therapy team and take their input seriously into program design when necessary and appropriate.

Every workout does NOT need to exhaust an athlete!  Anyone can make any athlete sore or tired which isn’t the goal! My programs are focused on developing speed and power and changing how the body functions.  This takes time, planning, and attention to the variables. I factor in the athlete’s personal schedule and commitments when designing a program, with rest and recovery being a major consideration.  Training programs are periodized and revised on an ongoing basis.

Training options offered include:

  1. Private Sessions (1 on 1)
  2. Semi-Private Sessions (2 to 1 & 3 to 1 options)
  3. Small Group Sessions (5 to 1)
  4. Team Training Sessions and consultations
  5. At home programming and training plans

In addition to the multiple Provincial and National medalist track and field athletes that I work with, I’ve trained softball, baseball, football, volleyball, basketball, and hockey players from peewee all the way to major junior and University.

For more information or to book a session please email me at


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