Louise and Jeff – Brandon, MB

Bryce has been training our daughter, Jorja, since the fall of 2016.  Jorja has seen her own growth and development in the sport of track from Bryce’s knowledge and coaching.  Jorja loves going to every single practice and always comes home with a smile on her face.  All of the athletes at Prairie Storm are very supportive of one another and for Jorja’s very first race at a competitive meet they were with her calming her nerves and offering encouragement.

Bryce offers a wonderful and positive environment for the athletes to train in.  He approaches training each individual athlete with a realistic goal setting and also fosters their ability to take it to the next step.  With Bryce’s kindness and support Jorja’s self-confidence has also grown as an athlete.  Thank you, Coach K for all that you do!

Louise and Jeff – Brandon, MB