Manitoba Age Class Championships

A storm once again rolled in the Manitoba Age Class Provincial Championship in Winnipeg, MB. This time it wasn’t just wind and rain but it included athletes in the u12 and u14 age groups sporting orange jerseys!

It was a great weekend of performances across all age groups for the club despite some challenging conditions weather-wise on Friday. At the end of the weekend, the club came home with 41 medals.

🥉Wyatt u12 – Shot Put

🥈Chay u12 – Standing Long Jump

🥇 for Daxx in u18 Triple Jump

🥈 for Riley u18 – Triple Jump

🥇 for Daniele u20 – 100m

🥇 for Jorja in u18 – 100m

🥇Charlot Senior 100m

🥉 Tessa u12 80m

🥈Karla u14 80m

🥈 Taine u20 100m

🥉 Wil u18 100m

🥈 Declan u14 80m

🥉Henry u14 80m

🥇Declan u14 300m

🥈 Henry u14 300m

🥇Ben u20 400m

🥈Amy u20 400m 

🥇Lara u18 Triple Jump

🥈Trynity u16 Triple Jump

🥉Declan u14 Long Jump

🥉Carter u12 High Jump

🥉Sammy u14 High Jump

🥈Sarah u12 Ball Throw

🥉Kyanna u12 Ball Throw

🥈Trynity u16 High Jump

🥇Lara u18 High Jump

🥈Tessa u12 High Jump

🥉Addisyn u12 High Jump

🥇Daxx u18 High Jump

🥇Ben u20 200m

🥈Taine u20 200m

🥇Daniele u20 200m

🥇Tessa u12 600m

🥈Chelsea u12 150m

🥉Declan u14 150m

🥈 Peighton u18 200m

🥉Charlot senior 200m

🥉Raegan u16 800m

🥈Amy u20 800m

🥉Rayna u14 2000m

🥈Shelby u16 2000m