Spring Open Results

It was a windy meet at the University of Manitoba on Friday and Saturday but that didn’t stop Prairie Storm Athletics athletes from some strong early performances!

u12 600m – Jayva Gaudet 4th
u16 100m – Kensi Rainkie 2nd, Kayden Gudnason 6th, Trynity Turner 7th
u18 100m – Jorja Hoad 4th
u20 100m – Daniele Dyck 1st, Morgan Ramsay 2nd
Open 100m – Charlot Butler 3rd
u18 200m – Peighton Johnson 2nd, Jorja Hoad 4th
Open 200m – Charlot Butler 3rd
u16 300m – Kensi Rainkie 5th, Raegan Ricard 6th
u18 400m – Peighton Johnson 3rd
u20 400m – Amy Klippenstein 1st
u14 800m – Rayna Shepherd 1st
u16 800m – Raegan Ricard 3rd, Kailey Klippenstein 8th
u20 800m – Amy Klippenstein 1st
u16 1200m – Shelby Gluska 2nd, Kailey Klippenstein 5th
u16 2000m – Shelby Gluska 1st
Open 4x100m Relay – Prairie Storm (Morgan, Charlot, Daniele, Jorja) 1st and 5th (Kayden, Kensi, Raegan, Trynity)
u16 High Jump – Trynity Turner 1st
u16 Triple Jump – Trynity Turner 2nd
u12 Ball Throw – Jayva Gaudet – 3rd

u16 100m – Jacob Reimer 8th
u20 100m – Taine Middleton 3rd
u16 200m – Jacob Reimer 5th
u18 200m – Wil Miller Harms 3rd
u20 200m – Taine Middleton 2nd
u18 400m – Riley Neufeld 3rd
u20 400m – Ben Perrett 1st
u14 800m – Kai Gaudet 3rd
u14 1200m – Kai Gaudet 5th
u18 High Jump – Daxx Turner 2nd
u18 Triple Jump – Daxx Turner 1st, Riley Neufeld 3rd
u14 Ball Throw – Kai Gaudet 3rd