Why Track and Field? 9 Reasons!

Why Track and Field? 9 Reasons!

by Bryce Koscielny – Director and Head Coach, Prairie Storm Athletics


  • There’s an event for everyone!


      • Sprints, jumps, throws, middle distances or long distance there is something for everyone!  We have para-events too! It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, big or small! There’s less focus on your shape, size or height compared to a lot of team sports!


  • There are so many positives to the experience!


      • It’s a social setting – you get to be with other like-minded athletes and work towards achieving similar goals! Support group!
      • It’s FUN and with FRIENDS!
      • You get to make new friends!  It’s hard to believe but the athletes you compete against become friends too!  Track and field is such a supportive environment!


  • You’ll get FIT! You’ll get FASTER! You’ll get STRONGER! You’ll build ENDURANCE! You’ll be HEALTHY!


      • Running, jumping and throwing are the foundations of every activity and sport!
      • You’ll develop all areas of your personal fitness and overall wellness!
      • Do you know where all those fancy workouts other sports copied to prepare you for the upcoming season came from? TRACK and FIELD!
      • Even though track and field might not be your number one priority, the skills and abilities you develop are used in every other sport! The hockey player needs speed, the football player needs speed, the basketball player needs speed, the volleyball player, the baseball player, the fastball player, and on and on!
      • Why pay a personal trainer when you can participate in a sport?  Hello multi-sport athlete!
        • We hate to say this but track and field is the BEST off-season sport for other sports! It’s true!


  • Coaches know how good you really are! Our sport is not opinion based….performances are ranked and it’s fact, not opinion!  


      • Track and field is the only sport where your effort, commitment, and dedication is measured and not subjective to someone’s opinion!  No scouts to impress! Your performances speak for themselves!
      • If you run 10.85 seconds in the 100m at age 17, every University coach in Canada and every other coach in Canada knows you are fast!
      • If you jump far or high or throw big, coaches know!


  • You don’t sit on the bench!  


      • You get to participate in all the events you want to participate in! No watching others from the sidelines!


  • Life Skills!


      • You’ll learn to manage your time when competing in track and field!
      • You will learn about dedication, prioritization, and even personal sacrifice!
      • You’ll learn about sleep and nutrition!
      • You’ll quickly learn how far you can push yourself!


  • You get to test yourself against the best!


      • When you line up in a competition against others it’s you vs them! You don’t rely on your teammates, it’s all you!


  • There’s a lot of travel opportunities!


      • We get to travel! There are some pretty amazing opportunities to travel around Canada, the US and beyond to take part in our sport!
      • The cities and meets you can attend are endless!


  • Have you checked out the roster sizes of university track teams compared to other sports?


    • There are of course scholarship opportunities but there are also roster opportunities!  Let’s compare a University men’s and women’s volleyball team roster to the men’s and women’s track team roster.
      • Volleyball – 18 women on the roster, 18 men on the roster = 36 athletes
        • How many of those 18 actually play? Some don’t play and some only sit on the bench! See point above – no bench!
      • Track and Field team = 100 athletes!!!
        • 64 more spots for athletes to compete at just one school!
    • You won’t find a team with a bigger roster!


The NINE reasons list above plus we offer:

– a strong technical background in athletics

– more professional and high-performance environment

– quality teaching, feedback, and correction

– individual programming

– superior seasonal and yearly planning

– superior competition schedule

– superior development pathway

– group travel

– meet exposure and experience

– the goal of seeing HOW FAR each athlete can go in the sport

– strong connection to USport coaches

Why NOT Prairie Storm Athletics?