A Small Change in 2017

Prairie Storm Athletics has made a small change to how the team will operate in 2017.

The Team at this time will continue to be open to athletes in Grade 7 and up with a primary focus on running events.  The changes will be made specifically to the athlete application and selection process.   The team will now view the year as three separate seasons.  Season 1 – Cross Country which will run from mid to late August into October), Season 2 – Indoor Competition Season which will run from October to mid-March, and Season 3 – Outdoor Competition Season which will run from mid-March to July.

The application and selection process will now be prior to each of the three seasons that the year is broken into.  Athletes can apply for one, two or all three seasons.  Applications will be reviewed prior to each of the seasons and depending on space within the team athletes may be selected to join the team.  There is no guarantee that any athlete who applies for the team will be selected for the team.  There is also no guarantee that an athlete who is selected for one season, will be selected for other seasons.

Cross Country and Outdoor Competition Season groups have the possibility of being a little larger in numbers than the Indoor Competition group because indoor training spaces do not allow for large groups of athletes to practice.  The exact sizes of each team for each season are to be determined.

Should you have any questions or if you would like to know more please contact us!

Athlete Application Form