Why Develop Speed

For many athletes, summer is a time to get into the weight room to develop strength.  Hockey players will stay on the ice to “stay sharp”, some will even work with skill coaches.  The piece that’s often overlooked is speed development.

Why more athletes and hockey players are not spending more time working on speed baffles me.  Who are the athletes that get noticed playing soccer, football, & hockey?  The fast kids. So, how do you get fast?  You work with a sprint coach or you join a track team.  You train to become faster!


SPEED MATTERS.  The most important hockey skill is speed.  The most important football skill is speed.  Soccer? Speed.  Like it or not, speed may be the key to getting recruited and the key to getting to the next level.  It is fundamentally wrong to believe in weight gain as your way to get to the next level. Big and slow went extinct years ago. Fast and powerful is in.

YOU MIGHT NOT BE AS FAST AS YOU THINK.  Sorry but this is the truth.  Sprinting is the number one way to improve your speed.  A few sessions over the summer with a strength and conditioning coach might not be adequate.  Find a track coach, better yet find a sprint coach.  Work with them regularly.  Strength and conditioning coaches are great, don’t get me wrong, I know some great ones and work with some great ones, but they might not understand the mechanics of speed and sprinting as well as a sprint coach. We live in a world of specialists.  We all want to work with medical specialists.  Work with a speed specialist.

It’s never too late to develop speed.  Young athletes can develop speed.  There’s plenty of summer left to work on speed development and we still have some space left for individual or small group sessions.  Don’t hesitate to contact us and book your sessions today.