Being Prepared

It’s into August and for many high school aged athletes are enjoying the well deserved summer break!  Keep in mind that for high school student-athletes August is a great time to be preparing for the sport seasons ahead.  With cross country, soccer, football, volleyball and hockey all starting soon athletes should be doing everything they can to be at peak physical condition come the beginning to the school year and sport season.  With relatively short seasons and even shorter pre-seasons, athletes need to be in shape as teams don’t have nearly the amount of time to condition athletes properly throughout the season.  Athletes who fail to be in shape once the season starts are susceptible to soreness, undue fatigue and ultimately injury.  At the very least, it will be hard for a coach to play an athlete who is tired and run down.

If you want to play and you want to excel, get active and do everything you can to be ready for the September season start!  Get running, go to the gym, join a class or training group, hire a personal trainer if you want.  Whatever you need to do to get into better overall condition is important!

Good luck this sport season!